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Tiis R. et al. Studying polymorphic variants of the NAT2 gene (NAT2*5 and NAT2*7) in Nenets populations of Northern Siberia. BMC Genetics (SBB-2019 special issue). 2020; 21 (Suppl 1) DOI : 10.1186/s12863-020-00909-4
Additional file 1. Results of genotyping of point substitutions in NAT2 gene.
Tiis et al. Supplementary materials. BMC Genetics (2020)

File containing the results of genotyping (individuals genotypes) of point substitutions NAT2 * 5 T341C (rs 1801280) and NAT2 * 7 G857A (rs 1799931) by Real-time PCR. The study involved healthy volunteers, representatives of indigenous peoples, Forest Nenets and Tundra Nenets living in Purovsky district of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russian Federation, settlements Samburg for the Tundra Nenets and settlements Kharampur, Khalyasavey, Tarko-Sale for the Forest Nenets.
All research participants gave a written informed consent to the clinical examination and the publication of their anonymous data.